Our Orthopaedic Urgent Care Has Specialized Benefits and Providers

orthopaedic careWhen you visit Virginia Orthopaedic Direct, you don’t have to worry about seeing a doctor who does not have a working knowledge of orthopaedic issues. While emergency room doctors are excellent emergent care providers, they may not have the expertise you need when seeking emergency urgent care for an orthopaedic injury.

Because our providers are Orthopaedic Specialists, they are uniquely qualified to work with patients who are suffering from strains, sprains, nerve pain or broken bones. These patients would, in the past, have gone to the emergency room and suffered long wait times or contacted their primary care provider and then be referred to an orthopaedist. That process would also culminate in longer wait times for the patient to see a specialist.

Our patients at Virginia Orthopaedic Direct are able to interact directly with Orthopaedic Specialists and Orthopaedic Physician’s Assistants so that they can be directed to the best care for their needs. Shorter wait times, no referral needed and the appropriate treatment all add up to superior orthopaedic care through Virginia Orthopaedic Direct!

Support for student athletes is another benefit that Virginia Orthopaedic Direct provides to the community. In the past, student athletes have had to wait for treatment of orthopaedic issues that occured during practices or games because they took place after the normal business hours of most private medical practices. Now, they can be seen by Virginia Orthopaedic Direct and sent home with the appropriate treatment to be able to continue training safely.

If you are in need of orthopaedic care, we encourage you to seek treatment at Virginia Orthopaedic Direct, our urgent care clinic, at (540) 404-4251. Virginia Orthopaedic Direct has extended weekday and weekend hours for your convenience, to get you back to what you love to do as quickly as possible.

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